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Do you need legal advice or representation in a court of law? Advocatenkantoor Bos will be pleased to assist you. We can represent you in the English language, and offer advice in a wide range of legal fields. Should you speak any language other than English, we will still be able to communicate clearly with each other in virtually any language with the help of an interpreter on the telephone.
A brief introduction
Three attorneys make up our law firm: Hilde Bos-Hagens, Marjolein Meijvogel-Kooij and Marloes Ravensbergen-Brussee. We each have our different fields of speciality.
Over the years we have built up a reputation for the fair and transparent way in which we advise and assist our clients. We look beyond the laws and regulations, to focus on the person behind the case, and their interests.
Fields of law we cover
There are many ways in which the law impacts on our daily lives. We are able to advise and assist you in legal matters such as:

Employment law: the relationship between an employer and an employee:
– Threat of redundancy or unfair dismissal
– Wording of an employment contract/termination settlement
– Sick leave/occupational disability.

Debt enforcement, attachment and other forms of execution: all problems relating to unpaid debts:
– Debt collection
– Garnishee and other attachment orders
– Unlawful attachment of orders.

Leashold property: the law governing the relationship between landlord and tenant:
– Rent arrears
– Increase or reduction in rent
– Termination of lease by notice or otherwise
– Defects to leased premises.

Mediation: whereby parties to a dispute discuss in person a possible dispute resolution under the guidance of a specialist mediator.

Contract law/the law of obligations: the law governing the contractual relationship between two or more parties. As soon as someone enters into an agreement with another individual or commercial enterprise, there is a contractual relationship between them. It may happen that one or other of them may breach its obligations under such contract. There could be a dispute, for example, with a seller, buyer, supplier or sub-contractor:
– Enforcement of performance or termination of the contract, potentially with additional claim for compensation
– Non-performance and attributable breach
– Rescission of contract
– Suspension of contract

Family law: all the rights and obligations under familial relationships (between parents and children, and between married or registered partners).
Many aspects of marriage or registered partnership only become significant and concrete if the relationship ends. Whether parties are married or just cohabiting, it is often the case that they have not made proper (or any) arrangements in the event that the relationship ends. Issues could relate to the care and financial support of children, or the assets/debts of the parties. We offer extensive advice and assistance covering many issues, such as:
– Divorce
– Interim financial relief
– Registered partnerships
– Unmarried cohabitation
– Pre- and post-nuptial agreements
– Judicial separation
– Agreements
– Child maintenance
– Partner maintenance
– Parental agreements
– Guardianship
– Acknowledgment
– Denial of paternity
– Parental access agreements
– Care and supervision proceedings
– International child abduction.

Criminal law: in essence, the right of the state to punish citizens who break the law:
– Representation during police interview or after arrest
– Representation in police court or criminal court
– Appeal against conviction/sentence
– Minor offence hearings / juvenile hearings
– Driving under the influence
– Driving in excess of speed limit
– Confiscation of driving licence
– Compensation for acquitted defendants and suspended sentences.

An attorney’s fees may be charged in several ways.

Pro deo
‘Pro deo’ is a term that describes legal work that is paid for by the state (legal aid board). If your income is insufficient to meet the cost of legal representation, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the Dutch legal aid board (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand) even if you are not a Dutch national. However, you may be required to pay a contribution to your legal costs, which the legal aid board will calculate on the basis of your income. You can find information about this on the website During your first meeting with your attorney you will be advised further about this possibility and where appropriate a legal aid application will be made on your behalf.
If you are in receipt of state benefits or for any other reason live at the state benefit line, you can request special assistance with payment of your own contribution from the municipality in which you live, which will cover your own contribution court fees. Further information and conditions can be found on your municipality’s website. If you live in any of the municipalities of Hillegom, Lisse, Noordwijk, Noordwijkerhout and Teylingen, the application should be made via the ISD Bollenstreek.
Advocatenkantoor Bos is recognised by the legal aid board’s High Trust scheme. This means that your application will be processed more quickly and you should therefore know within a couple of days whether you are eligible for legal aid, and therefore quickly know where you stand.

Hourly rate
Depending on the type of case, we can also act on your behalf at a fixed, competitive hourly rate. This rate could also vary according to financial means and the urgency of the case. The standard hourly rate depends on the attorney acting for you, but starts at €160 plus VAT. We may ask you to make a payment in advance to cover our initial costs. You will be kept regularly updated about how your file is progressing, and at intervals we will send you a clearly set out breakdown of charges. In addition to our hourly rate, you may also be invoiced for office costs and general administrative costs. Other costs of court proceedings, such as court, bailiff and municipality fees, will be invoiced separately.

Fixed fee
In certain cases we can agree a fixed fee for our work, such as the following:
– Joint application for divorce, without any extensive financial settlement or parental care plan;
– Recalculation of maintenance payments;
– Application for joint parental custody;
– Criminal cases before the police court;
– Objection to suspension of driving-licence;
– etc.
In such cases we are able to handle a case from beginning to end for a fixed price, agreed in advance with the attorney. This is only applies, of course, where you are not eligible for legal aid.
Contact Information
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our firm’s e-mail address at:, or send an e-mail directly to one of our three attorneys as follows:
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• E.M. Kooij:
• M.L. Ravensbergen-Brussee:
Postal adress:
Postbus 463, 2200 AL Noordwijk
Visiting address:
Westeinde 94L, 2211 XS Noordwijkerhout
There is adequate, free parking available for visitors to this address.
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